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extinguishing gel

extinguishing gel

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  • Effective deletion
  • Effective flue gas cooling
  • Effective gas precipitation
  • Effective structural cooling
  • Effective at close range at a high safety distance

The extinguishing gel is a cylindrical hose attachment with atomizer nozzles. It is mounted on a short piece of ladder, a plug-in part. Thanks to the additional wheels, the extinguishing gel can be easily moved. The entire product can be placed on an extendable ladder and can therefore be accessed from a safe distance into a burning building
be pushed. The fire is effectively fought from the inside without firefighters having to go into the building and therefore be in great danger.

The extinguishing gel offers, with easy and intuitive handling, a way to avoid entering dangerous areas. Instead of an emergency force, you can simply use one
The extinguishing gel attached to the ladder can be pushed forward. The safety distance and thus the safety of the emergency services is significantly increased. The extinguishing gel is particularly useful for industrial fires or the suppression of gases and aerosols, such as chlorine gas.

In addition, sensible cooling of the
Building structure can be reached by the water mist generated in underground car park or tunnel fires. This means that the team in front is better protected and can concentrate on the rescue and firefighting measures using a hand-held pipe.

    More safety for emergency services!

    Weight: 8,000g
    Execution: default
    Dimensions W x D x H: 900x500x400mm
    max. pressure: 16 bar
    max. flow: 550 l/min
    Throwing distance: 13 m
    Spray width: 13 m

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