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SnakE forest fire set

SnakE forest fire set

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SnakE fits into a 60cm*40*cm*12cm Eurobox including the spray bar!
Simply open the spray bar, adjust the width of the shackles once and any pump-and-roll capable vehicle can be equipped with a spray bar!
The upgrade is ideal for preparing vehicles for forest fire season.
  • Plastic Eurobox with hinged lid 60cm*40cm*12cm
  • 4 nozzle clamps with nozzles
  • 1 supply line with filter
  • 4 connecting hoses
  • Forest fire spray bars

Technical data:


Dear SnakE

Wide spray bars (folded)


Wide spray bars (folded out)


total weight


supply line

Storz D coupling


2 x Storz D

Flow per nozzle

Approx. 20 l/min

Number of nozzles

4 pieces

Material nozzles


Droplet size

300µm – 500µm

Narrowest nozzle cross section


Filter mesh size


Material clamp

Stainless steel 1.4404 (V4A)

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