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SnakE4 Basic

SnakE4 Basic

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SnakE fits into a 60cm*40*cm*12cm Eurobox including the optional aluminum frame!
1. Unpack
2. Attach to the DIN 1147 plug-in ladder that is available everywhere as per the standard
3. Slide carefully under the high-voltage battery
→ Cool efficiently from below & stay away from danger as an emergency responder
SnakE can be expanded in unlimited modular ways, so that vehicles of any length can be cooled efficiently.
We also supply an optional aluminum frame as an alternative to the extension ladder.

Included in Basic

• Plastic Eurobox with hinged lid 60cm*40cm*12cm
• 4 nozzle clamps with nozzles
• 1 supply line with filter
• 4 connecting hoses

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