• Time

    Set up in under two minutes!

    Thanks to the double-stroke hand pump, easyToi can be set up by a trained operator within two minutes and is ready for immediate use . The pumping process takes approx. 40 seconds.

  • Ultra mobile

    Ultra-compact: only 0.17 m3

    → minimal logistical effort

    → One-person operation

    → Transport in cars

  • Light as a feather

    Weight: 17kg
    (incl. hand pump and storm equipment)
  • Completely self-sufficient!

    no water or electricity connection necessary!

  • Security

    According to fire protection class B1 (DIN 4102-1) certified material

    easyToi offers optimal protection from wind and weather thanks to the

    water-repellent outer material and the one carried

    Storm equipment : External straps, ropes and pegs for anchoring to the ground are provided to keep the mobile toilet stable.

  • Hygiene

    Hygienic disposable disposal system

    • Airtight sealable decontamination bags with binding agents are inserted into the toilet socket before use.
    • At the end there is an airtight lid with a handle that allows hygienic removal .
    • Disposal takes place in residual waste or similar.

    Fresh & clean toilet interior

    Maximum hygiene for users

    ➔ no odors and little cleaning effort

  • Space and storage space in the interior

    There is ample space and storage inside the cabin, even for heavy emergency or firefighting equipment.

    Internal pockets and a mesh structure on the cabin ceiling allow you to store equipment and hook the protective jacket with a carabiner.

  • Indoor air hygiene

    Ventilation networks ensure constant air circulation and hygiene in the interior.

  • All-terrain composite flooring

    The floor of the easyTois is made of aluminum plates and tarpaulin and is suitable for any location. It protects the cabin from possible debris deposits on the surface.